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It is the age of information. There is always new content to consume, and it gets harder and harder to remember what we’ve read. That’s why experts suggest it’s more important to remember how we consume the content than what’s in it. So how do you ensure that you remember things? You do that with intentional learning. 

It is a process by which you focus on learning not for knowledge but for retention. 

In this blog, we will cover what intentional learning is. Its benefits, how to practice it, and most importantly, you will discover why it matters.


Intentional learning is a process of focusing on learning for retention, rather than just for knowledge. To practice intentional learning, prepare your mind, create a vision, and implement the seven secret habits, such as having a clear purpose, being a good listener, and practicing gratitude.

Intentional Learning
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What is intentional learning?

Intentional learning is consciously learning while making well-thought-out decisions about what to grasp. It involves focusing on strengths and the good things rather than letting fear hold you back. Your purpose should be personal (such as improving yourself or contributing to society).

As part of your commitment to intentional learning, aim for regular practice of the core practices listed below. It will set you up for continued success.

It requires an individual to take breaks from technology and social media, to refocus and practice mindfulness. The first phase is to prepare the mind for intentional learning. And the second phase is to create a vision of your ideal world. Here is how you do it.

Prepare your mind for intentional learning.

Step 1: Find out when you’re overthinking basic tasks and decide whether you can take action. Be rational when making this decision.

Step 2: Allot a certain amount of time to take action and distract yourself with an activity afterward. This is phase conditioning of your mind.

Step 3: Focus on what is within your control and use that to your advantage.

Step 4: Create an environment that encourages learning and growth.

Step 5: Utilize techniques like mindfulness or journaling to stay in the present moment and prepare for intentional learning.

Create and Visualise your end goal in your ideal world.

Once you have prepared your mind, go ahead and spend time visualizing your end goal.

Step 1: You have an outcome in mind, a purpose, that you wish to achieve. Visualize it. Get creative and imaginative.

Step 2: Now, develop a goal in your ideal world that is specific, manageable, and measurable. It should be something you are committed to achieving and can clearly visualize.

Step 3: Decide what is important to you. Make proper decisions, and take action only on those things. Don’t play with your beliefs and ideals. Stay consistent, and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe.

Step 4: There is no point in dwelling on the downsides of a situation or your life. Everyone experiences this. So, let it rest on the back burner. Appreciate the positives and practice a sense of humor in negative thoughts or situations.

Step 5: Lastly, envision a range of consequences. Stay in control, and don’t overthink and drown in the world of “what-ifs.”

Implement the 7 secret habits of intentional learning one by one.

The below actions will set you apart from the crowd,

– Having a Clear Purpose
– Being a Good Listener
– Ability to Goal Setting and Managing Time
– Must Practice Gratitude
– Develop Good Healthy Habits
– Self-Care and Daily Routine

After preparing your mind and creating a vision, develop these daily habits and intentionality. These 7 secret habits of intentional learning will 10x your potential when followed diligently.

  1. Break the wall and arrange the bricks.

    Secret #1: Break the vision! Yes – with complete focus, break it down and write down 10 steps you need to accomplish to achieve it.

    Determining success and planning activities are crucial elements of intentional learning. Read each step and write action plans against it. 

    When we say action plan – Write down what it takes to complete this step. Treat it like a game. When you want to destroy the enemy, you need the know-how and the tools like guns and ammunition.

    So, write down what learnings your need, the tool list, and how much time you think is required to complete this step.

    Furthermore, build high-trust relationships and gain an understanding of others’ perspectives. It will help in achieving your goals faster. 

  2. Minimize all your distractions.

    Secret #2: It is a technological world, and you cannot escape it. But, you have the option of controlling your exposure to it. So, develop a steadfast work ethic to stay productive. 

    Block social media and other distractions to achieve peak “deep work.” 

    Take intentional breaks and avoid overusing digital devices. This habit sounds simple, but it takes a lot of willpower to stay with it.

    But, if you wish to achieve your goals, learn to minimize the distractions around you.

  3. Focus on one priority.

    Secret #3: Prioritize your goals and take control of every moment. 

    Do not have many priorities, apply the Pareto principle.  

    For example, there are a lot of things to do. No doubt. But if you focus on one task and complete it well, the rest will become a cakewalk with this method.

    Top performers use this principle to allow planning and execution of their goals. 

    Now, apply this rule to your learning. Focus only on one goal at a time and give your all towards it. Don’t spread your efforts thinly across multiple activities that can dilute your impact.

    Set measurable milestones for your intentional learning and track your progress against them.

  4. Learn, Rinse, and Improve

    Secret #4: Deep dive into the topic that you wish to learn. Understand all aspects of it. 

    Be it technical, philosophical, or anything else, understand it in full before moving on. 

    When you understand everything about the topic you are learning about, you will have achieved all aspects of intentional learning. This will allow you to prepare for your next topic of interest. 

    Remember, this will also help speed up your learning process.

    Don’t move on until you fully understand the material and can answer any question or criticism thrown at you by a fellow learner or expert in the field. 

    Moreover, this habit will help motivate you to keep following your intentional learning journey despite challenges and setbacks.

    Learn the concept, rinse it with layers of related questions, and improve on them. That’s the way to go.

  5. Encourage the good stubbornness in you.

    Secret #5: Funny enough, you need to be stubborn. So, be a good one. 

    For any new learning, a lot of focus and self-discipline are necessary. Being stubborn to learn something new is not a bad thing. But yes, if you are stubborn about something that isn’t giving you valuable learning, then think again.

    So, develop a habit of good stubbornness and not move until you achieve your goal of intentional learning.

  6. Build a ritual of your routine.

    Secret #6: A Ritual Mindset! Build a routine for yourself. 

    We suggest you build an early morning routine where your energy is topmost after a good night’s sleep.

    The first 4-5 hours of your day will change your approach to intentional learning. It is a good thing. 

    You will accomplish your daily to-dos and have ample time for other activities or chores. It is a win-win situation for you and the people around you. You will also get better at time management. 

    The best part is you will feel good and have better clarity when you have achieved your daily goals in the first few hours of the day. It will give you a lot of free time to make decisions on your daily choices.

    Repeat this new habit every single day. You will see your intentional learning take off really fast.

  7. Practice, Practice, Practice

    Intentional learning is a strategy that involves committing to a goal and investing in training, education, and personal development. Pursue a goal with a clear intention in mind. Stay focused on the task at hand, and put in the time and effort to achieve the goal. This requires dedication, perseverance, and self-motivation.

    So, this is our secret #7: Practice like you have nothing to lose. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, clear clutter, or intentionally self-discipline your mind. 

    To be successful in intentional learning, you must commit to your goal with a strong sense of purpose. Also, stay focused on the task at hand. Most importantly, practice patience and self-discipline. 

    In addition, you must make consistent and effective decisions that will lead you closer to your goal. 

If you wish explore these habits in detail, try this book – “Your Black Diary


Intentional learning is a way to ensure that you are fully utilizing every waking minute to learn new things and improve your skills. 

Follow these 7 secret habits of intentional learning.

But once you adhere to the basic principles of intentional learning, you will see results. 

Prepare to learn with a systematic approach full of rituals, good habits, and process-driven methods to succeed and maintain life balance.  

We hope these productivity tips on intentional learning have helped you. If you liked this blog, share and email it to others who could benefit!

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