6 Core Values of Generation alpha

Being a generation alpha kid is not easy. They must have core values to guide them.

You must risk it all and pursue your dreams.

And that’s why it’s so important to have a set of core values that you live by – values that will guide you through the challenges that come your way.

Today, we’ll introduce you to the 6 core values of Generation Alpha and how they shape the way you think and act.

generation alpha core values - gen alpha kids
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The kids of the alpha generation

Generation alpha is a term that refers to the children of millennials and Gen Z (people born between the early 2010s and late 2024s). They are known for being outspoken, independent, and confident.

They are also known for being trendsetters and digital handshakers. They’re generally more liberal than their elders and open to new experiences and ideas.

One of the most important things that generation alpha kids will bring about is a shift in cultural values. They are critical thinkers who don’t shy away from challenging traditional norms and values.

As such, they will help usher in a new era of social experimentation and change.

Gen alpha is very connected. They use tech more than any other generation before them, and they’re constantly communicating with each other online and offline.

In addition, they’re interested in social justice issues, which means they are likely to take action to help improve the world around them.

What makes Gen Alpha unique with their core values?

Millennials are known for being iconoclastic and forward-thinking, and they are already shaping global trends in their fields of work and education. They’re also the most diverse generations in history, with a wealth of perspectives and experiences that can solve problems.

Gen Alpha may not have had an enormous impact on the world, but it will do so in the coming years. They will shape the future by creating new technologies and business models and setting new standards for our lives.

So in the next few years, ensure that future businesses comply with catering to Generation Alpha!

What is the meaning of core values?

Core values are the principles that a generation of people hold dear and guide their actions and decisions. They are the values by which a generation measures itself and compares to previous generations (Generation Z, Millennials, Y generation, Baby boomers).

Sometimes, these core values showcase as life goals or moral codes. Other times, they may be more general principles such as honesty, kindness, or empathy.

Regardless of their form, core values remain the same: they are timeless and universal values that never change.

How do core values impact any generation of people?

Core values are a way of life built by the people and adopted by a generation as their own. They are the principles that guide individuals or groups in their dealings with others and serve as the foundation of their morals.

Though core values may differ from person to person, they all share some common tenets. 

Core values have a powerful impact on any generation of people. It is because these values tend to be passed down from one generation to the next through word of mouth or examples set by influential figures.

When people uphold these values throughout society, it has a positive effect on the way that they behave toward each other.

The 6 Core values of Generation Alpha

Generation alpha lives life on their terms. They believe in the power of honesty, egalitarianism, personal responsibility, and innovation.

They also believe in the value of collaboration and cooperation.

These six core values drive everything they do, and fiercely committed to living a fulfilling and successful life.

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Generation Alpha Core Values - Gen alpha
Gen Alpha Core Values Infographic

1. Autonomy – The need for liberty

Gen Alpha values autonomy and self-reliance above all else. That is why they value freedom of choice, independence, and creativity. As a result, businesses that cater to this generation should take note.

These future employees will want the opportunity to be creative and innovative in their work without being hindered by archaic policies or procedures.

In other words, let them have some leeway to create!

2. Individuality – The power of self-identity

Individuality helps you stand out from the crowd, achieve your goals, and stay on top of the latest trends.

Gen Alpha believes and embraces this power to be true to yourself. It means focusing on what makes you happy and doing things your way – not following anyone else blindly. 

Don’t worry about making mistakes – embracing them will lead you to success. And most importantly, don’t let constant change scare you off; by being open-minded and experimental, you’ll keep up with everything happening around you!

3. Exploration – Pursuing opportunities instead of settling.

There’s something about the adventurous and exploratory spirit of generation alpha kids. That is why these individuals look for new opportunities. They love going beyond the norm – this makes them so driven and successful.

In addition, these individuals value self-reliance highly; they don’t like someone on their back to narrate what to do or how to do it. And finally, they never stop pushing themselves – whether it’s their career goals or personal ambitions.

4. Goal-Oriented – Setting goals and working towards them.

Gen Alpha are goal-oriented and works towards achieving goals, no matter how big or small they may seem at first glance. They never give up on a mission and are always determined to achieve what they desire – no matter the odds.

This generation is a master of working together as a team. They understand that success comes when everyone pulls together to achieve common objectives.

Furthermore, Gen alpha values honesty, authenticity, and resilience above all else – which is perfect for any challenging situation or project!

5. Achiever – Taking risks and making mistakes

It’s common for generation alpha kids to take risks and make mistakes. It is one of the most important things that makes them unique and successful.

Yes! Taking risks can be scary at first, but it leads these individuals to success.

After all, if they’re not taking risks, they’re not pushing themselves – ever onwards toward their dreams and goals!

6. Player – Mastering communication and networking skills

As Gen alpha, we live in a world where constant communication is the norm. We need to be able to connect with others to make things happen, whether it’s for professional or social purposes.

The alpha children are mastering the art of social media networking (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other internet-based apps) at an early age.

Good networking skills can help them accomplish many things – from finding new jobs and meeting new people to starting businesses. It takes effort and time to get good at these skills – but the benefits are worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will Generation Alpha be like?

Generation Alpha is a powerful generation – they’re more intelligent, independent, and mobile than previous generations. They’re also less tolerant of conformity and are more likely to challenge the status quo.

Some believe that Gen Alphas will shape humanity’s future as we know it – they’ll be the ones who create new ideas, change our ways of thinking, and radically disrupt industries.

The alpha kids are also tech-savvy digital natives with a fast understanding of AI, ML, and other emerging technologies. They will soon leave millennial parents behind when it comes to knowledge.

So, to stay ahead of this global trend and be part of Gen Alpha, you must learn about the six core principles.


Generation alpha is a unique generation stepping into teens who will redefine how they live and think.

You can better understand this generation and the challenges and opportunities they face by understanding the principles behind Gen alpha.

Thank you for reading!

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